SC5Optical fibers and applications

New program
Level: Basic

Technicians and engineers wishing to acquire basic knowledge and know-how in optical fibers


Basic knowledge in optics

Language of the training: French
Maximum capacity: 12
Price: 2150 € HT -
Duration: 5 days - 35 h
  • Understanding the characteristics and the operation of both singlemode and multimode optical fibers
  • Learn about the optical fiber based technologies and applications
  • Implement an optical fiber based system
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Optical fibers and applications
Addressed topics

Basic notions in guided optics

  • Total internal reflection, guided modes

Singlemode and multimode fibers and related technologies

  • Operation principles and characterizations

Applications of optical fibers

  • Erbium doped fiber amplifier and laser, Raman fiber amplifier and laser
  • Optical fiber communication systems
  • Optical fiber sensors
The program

Reminders in Optics

  • Light: photon and wave optics
  • Basics in guided optics
  • Measurment instrumentations

Optical fibers

  • Structures and characteristics
  • Step-index and graded index singlemode and multimode fibers. Cutoff wavelength. Optical attenuation and chromatic dispersion.
  • Dispersion shifted and compensated dispersion fibers. Polarization maintaining fibers. Photonic crystal fibers.
  • Nonlinear fiber optics: optical Kerr effect, four-wave mixing, Raman and Brillouin scattering effects.

Optical fibers applications

  • Laser beam transport. Pigtailed laser diodes
  • Numerical optical transmission: noise detection, transmission performances, WDM systems and associated components
  • Erbium doped fiber amplifiers: architectures and characteristics, broad-band source
  • Nonlinear optical fiber. Raman fiber amplifier. Wide broad-band source.
  • Optical fiber sensors: Constraints, temperature, pressure, acceleration measurements. Interferometric measurements.

Optical labworks

  • Erbium doped fiber amplifier and laser. Optical reflectometry. Chromatic dispersion measurement in a single mode fiber 
  • Raman scattering effect in a silica based fiber. Brillouin scattering effect in a silica based fiber: amplification, slow light effect.  Optical fiber gyroscope: measurement of the Earth speed rotation
  • Set-up and characterization of a numerical transmission on a singlemode fiber: quality factor, bite error rates
Methodology and assessment

Lectures and exercises
Interactive experimental demonstrations
Labworks and practise with instruments

Next session: date to be defined

  • June 17, 2019 to June 21, 2019 SC5 | Optical fibers and applications Palaiseau
Pedagogical manager(s):
  • Nicolas Dubreuil - Professor at Institut d'Optique

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