Experimental resources in optics and photonics

Our training courses include numerous experimental resources in demonstration and in lab work

Laboratoire d’Enseignement Expérimental (LEnsE) All about photonics at your fingertips

Practical hands-on. Credit Institut d'Optique Graduate School.

The LEnsE carries out and improves upon numerous experimental demonstrations and the high-level lab work of the engineering school and the Continuing Education Service. These resources are developed in close collaboration with our teaching staff and with the companies’ needs.

Education through experimentation is invaluable in acquiring knowledge in all fields of optics & photonics.

Some examples of experimental projects

  • Instrumental Optics: characterization of optical systems, front wave analyses, adaptive optics
  • Sources and photometry: study of sources (LED lighting, current sources), photometric characterization, safety of incoherent  radiation
  • Optronics: infrared sensors (cooled or not), characterization of an objective in infrared, thermic cameras
  • Lasers: study of laser diodes, optical parametric oscillator, pulsed and continuous lasers, laser safety
  • Optical telecommunications: Erbium doped fiber amplifiers, numerical transmission, influence of chromatic dispersion, OTDR, noise measurement in fiber amplifiers, Raman and Brilloin effect in single-mode fibers
  • Optical physics: interferometer with phase shifting, speckle interferometry, diffraction, holography, numerical holography
  • Physics: quantum optics, source of entangled photons (Bell’s inequality), HOM experience (indiscernability) saturated absorption


Optical and mechanical workshops, technological tools

Polishing. Credit Institut d'Optique Graduate School / C. Helsy

The optical and mechanical workshops make customized elements necessary in experimental projects for education, research, or research and development

The mechanical workshop and design office, designs and makes elements in the fields of optics, vacuum, and micromechanics with a wide scope of materials.

The optical workshop is specialized in manual polishing and in particular produces high precision-optics. Some examples:

Technological tools for advanced research and development and education

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