CO4Lighting and illumination with Lighttools

Level: Specialized

People working in design offices, R&D units, interested by domestic or public lighting

Language of the training: French
Maximum capacity: 10
Price: 1380 € HT -
Duration: 3 days - 21 h
  • Skills photometry and non-imaging optics
  • Understand the methods of photometric computer-aided design
  • Learn how to optimize the photometry of optical systems
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Lighting and illumination with Lighttools
Addressed topics

Sources, surfaces and environments

  • Modeling the optical properties of surfaces
  • Total reflection, scattering, absorption
  • Modeling of light sources

Simulations with Lighttools software

  • Principle of non-sequential ray tracings
  • Study of illumination and intensity maps

Non-imaging optical applications

  • Optics for LED lighting
  • Study of display systems
  • Light guides and concentrators
The program

Reminders in photometry

  • Flux, illumination, intensity, luminance, geometric extent…
  • Physical properties of surfaces and environments, scattering, absorption, refraction, specular reflectance, BRDF
  • Visual photometry (lighting) and radiometry

Photometric computer assisted design

  • Basis for Lighttools : sources definitions, optomechanical structures, optical systems
  • Prinicipe of non-sequential ray tracing. Monte Carlo method
  • Simulation of illumination and intensity maps. Photometric  performance.
  • Analysis, optimization methods, definitions of merit functions

Some non-imaging optical applications

  • Simulations of sources, plastic optics for LEDs: collimators, concentrators
  • Obtaining uniform illumination maps: use of light guides and microlens arrays
  • Projector, backlight illumination, screen
  • Simulations of the effect of stray light
Methodology and assessment

Lectures and pratical exercices with Lighttools

Next session: date to be defined

  • April 08, 2019 to April 10, 2019 CO4 | Lighting and illumination with Lighttools Palaiseau
Pedagogical manager(s):
  • Lionel Jacubowiez - Senior teacher at Institut d'Optique

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