EF2Basics of optics

Level: Basic

Engineers or senior technicians wishing to update their knowledge in optics or master the basics of optics


Basic knowledge in mathematics and geometry

Language of the training: French
Maximum capacity: 12
Price: 2960 € HT -
Duration: 2 x 4 days - 56 h

• Understand the principles of optical systems
• Design and set up a simple optical assembly
• Participate in the elaboration of the specifications of an optical instrument

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Basics of optics
Addressed topics

Geometrical optics
• Reflection and refraction of light rays
• Notions of rigorous and approximate stigmatism
• Simple optical elements and their combinations
Optical instruments
• Genral properties of instruments
• Basic instruments (telescope, microscope, projection lens)
• Basics of photometry in optical systems
Physical optics
• Wave aspect of light.
• Interference and diffraction
• Polarization

The program

Geometrical optics
• Basic laws of light propagation - Reflection, refraction
• Approximation of linear optics (Gauss optics) - Mirrors, Lenses.
• Basic properties of the centered systems (focal, afocal, aperture)
• Experimental demonstrations: total reflection, image formation, imaging under Gauss conditions ...
Optical instruments
• General properties of optical instruments, examples
• Notion of focal length, magnification, angular magnification
• Pupil of an instrument, fields of view and depth of view
• Instrument Photometry Elements
• Experimental demonstrations: microscope, afocal telescope, projection lens
Physical optics
• Wave aspect, electromagnetic field, light vibration - Natural light, polarized.
• Interference: application to the characterization of optical system by interferometry.
• Diffraction and influence on the resolution of optical systems
• Influence of aberrations on the resolution of optical systems
• Experimental demonstrations: polarization, light interferences and diffraction, aberration
• Paraxial measurements on optical systems - Image formation by lenses and mirrors
•Basic optical instruments: bezel, finder, collimator, microscope
• Measurement of geometric and chromatic aberrations
• Interferometric measurements on a Michelson, a Fizeau interferometer (Zygo)

Methodology and assessment

Courses and exercises
Interactive experimental demonstrations
Labwork on instruments

Next session: date to be defined

  • November 24, 2020 to November 27, 2020 and December 08, 2020 to December 11, 2020 EF2 | Basics of optics Palaiseau
Pedagogical manager(s):
  • Thierry Avignon - Responsible for experimental ressources, teacher at Institut d'Optique
  • Sébastien De Rossi - Professor at Institut d'Optique
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