MS12Fundamentals of photometry for lighting

Level: Basic

Senior technicians or engineers wishing to initiate themselves to photometry for lighting


Basic trigonometry and geometrical optics notions, basic knowledge on statistics (average, standard deviation etc.)

Language of the training: English
Maximum capacity: 5
Price: 1720 € HT -
Duration: 5 days

Being able to describe and analyse the photometry of optical lighting system

Being able to master photometric measurement equipment

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Fundamentals of photometry for lighting
Addressed topics


  • Photometric quantities
  • Non imaging optics (Radio-photometry and colorimetry)
  • Existing systems (condenser, prism, reflector, waveguide etc)
  • Photometric performances of an optical system
  • Principles of colorimetry to study an optical system and predict its performances

Optical table and photometric measurements

  • Photometric measurement instruments
  • Detectors (thermal, photonics), photodiode, spectrometer, spectro-colorimeter, integrating sphere, illuminance and luminance measurement equipments
  • Measurement techniques
  • Photometric measurement techniques (flux, illuminance, luminance etc)
  • Performance and limitations of a photometric measurement
  • Precision, accuracy and reliability of a measurement
  • Comparison of theoretical and experimental results

Principles of ocular safety

The program

Basics of photometry

  • Photometric quantities (flux, illuminance, intensity, luminance) and their relations
  • Non-imaging systems radio-photometry (Description of existing systems, Photometric performances)

Basics of colorimetry

  • Definition of basic relations
  • Colorimetric performances

Implementation of colorimetric and photometric measurement technics

  • Measurement tools description
  • Measurement limitations (Precision, accuracy, reliability)
  • Ocular and lab safety

Lab work

  • Visual luminance and intensity measurement
  • Calibration of a visual photodetector, accuracy and precision
  • Pupil and extended pupil
  • Using luminance and spectroluminance measurement tools
  • Lighting lamps performances
  • Characterization of a standard source and an integrating sphere
Methodology and assessment

Courses and tutorials

Lab work

Next session: date to be defined

  • September 24, 2018 to September 28, 2018 MS12 | Fundamentals of photometry for lighting Palaiseau
Pedagogical manager(s):
  • Julien Moreau - Professor at Institut d'Optique

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