MS11Fundamentals of optics for lighting

Level: Basic

Senior technicians or engineers wishing to initiate themselves to optics for lighting


Basic trigonometry and mathematical calculus

Language of the training: English
Maximum capacity: 5
Price: 1720 € HT -
Duration: 4 days
  • Being able to describe and analyse optical lighting systems using ray optics, physical optics and basic notions on light sources.
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Fundamentals of optics for lighting
Addressed topics

Geometrical and physical optics

  • Geometrical optics main physical principles, in relation to the design of optical systems (reflection, refraction, sequential and non-sequential ray tracing)
  • Basic notions of imaging optics (paraxial optics, optical aberrations)
  • Basic notions of physical optics in relation to the design of optical systems (interferences, diffraction)

Light sources physics

  • Basic physical properties of light
  • Physics of light emission
The program

Geometrical and physical optics

  • Physical principles of geometrical optics
  • Snell-Descartes' laws
  • RAy tracing (sequential, non-sequential)

Light sources physics

  • Physical optics principles applied to lighting
  • Interferences, diffraction, PSF, MTF
  • Physical properties of light
  • Physics of light emission

Lab work

  • Visual optical measurements
  • Alignment of an optical table, precision of measurements
  • Focal length, back focal length, radius of curvature
  • Using Snell-Descartes’ laws (refraction, reflection)
  • Applying geometrical and physical optics notions on dedicated softwares
  • Ray tracing in optical design softwares (ex : Code V)
  • Simple simulations on optimization and design softwares (ex : LightTools)
Methodology and assessment

Lectures and tutorials

Lab work on instruments

Next session: date to be defined

  • September 17, 2018 to September 20, 2018 MS11 | Fundamentals of optics for lighting Palaiseau
Pedagogical manager(s):
  • Gaëlle Lucas-Leclin - Professor at Institut d'Optique

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