SC3Understand laser sources

New program
Level: Basic/Advanced

Senior technicians and engineers (design office, R&D, fabrication / production, fabrication support, industrialization, ...) needing a first approach to work with lasers


Basic knowledge in physics and optics

Language of the training: French
Maximum capacity: 12
Price: 2150 € HT -
Duration: 5 days - 35 h

Understand basic properties ans associated technologies

Acquire a basic experimental know-how on laser sources

Operate a laser under good conditions for various applications

Interact with laser specialists or laser salers

Understand a laser data sheet

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Understand laser sources
Addressed topics
  • Laser physics and non linear optics
  • Properties, technologies and applications
  • Pulsed lasers
  • Laser safety
  • Laser alignment (labworks)
  • Laser characterization (labworks)
  • Laser propagation through optical systems (labworks)
The program

Basic principles

  • Light-matter interaction, spontaneous emission, stimulated emission, absorption, cross section, amplification, gain, oscillation threshold, output power

Non linear optic

  • Principles and application to frequency doubling and sum frequency generation

Laser properties, gaussian beams
Laser technology

  • Gas lasers, solid state lasers, laser diodes, fiber lasers

The laser market worldwide
Laser applications

  • Material processing, optical telecommunications, sensing, measurements, biomedical...

Pulsed lasers

  • Q:switched and mode-locked lasers and related technologies

Laser safety

  • Effets on tissues, standards, caution of use

Labworks and experimental demos

  • He Ne laser: cavity alignement, observation and characterization of transverse and longitudinal modes
  • Laser diode: angular and spectral characterisation,  effect of the temperature and of the driving current on the output characteristics
  • Second harmonic generation in a KDP crystal
  • Flashpumped Nd:YAG laser: energetic and temporal characterization, alignement and observation of differents pulsed regims: free running and passive Q-qwitching
  • Diode pumped Nd:YVO4 in passive mode-lock operation: alignment and pulse measurement by autocorrelation
  • Laser beam propagation through an optical system
Methodology and assessment

This training is based on three mains axis:

  • basics principles
  • overview of technologies
  • a solid experimental training on lasers

Next session: date to be defined

  • September 16, 2019 to September 20, 2019 SC3 | Understand laser sources Palaiseau
Pedagogical manager(s):
  • François Balembois - Professor at Institut d'Optique

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