MS22Optical Design for Lighting Systems

Level: Advanced

Senior technicians or engineers wishing to design illumination systems.


Basic geometrical optics-Basic use of radiometry

Language of the training: English
Maximum capacity: 5
Price: 1720 € HT -
Duration: 4 jours
  • Acquiring a broad knowledge of the main optical components and sub systems used in lighting and signalling
  • Being able to design and optimise the photometry of a lighting system using a dedicated software.
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Optical Design for Lighting Systems
Addressed topics

Computer-aided photometric design and Photometric optimization

  • methods of photometric design outside existing softwares (introduction to the optimization of free surfaces)
  • methods used in design and computer-aided optimization photometrics

Design and photometric optimization tools

  • implementing design and computer-aided optimization methods in photometrics
  • main lighting systems, their principles, their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Transversal skills

  • Deepening knowledge of some light sources (LED, OLED, Laser) and optical components (SLM, micro display)
  • Deepening of instrumental optics and physical optics knowledge
The program

Photometric optimization and design

  • Methods of photometric design outside existing softwares
  • Light sources modelization (Led, HBO lamp, laser etc)
  • Optical systems modelization and photometric calculation (flux, illuminance, luminous intensity, colorimetry, polarization)
  • Generating surfaces and optical components based on their geometrical and optical properties (diffusion, transmission, albedo, BRDF etc)
  • Introduction to complex (free) surfaces optimization

Computer aided photometric optimization and design

  • Computer aided photometric optimization and design methods
  • Photometric rendering optimization
  • Back lighting uniformisation
  • Stray light
  • Comparison of design and optimization tools
  • Merit function fluctuations and noise
  • Choice of a well suited optimization and design tool

Computer aided photometric optimization and design methods implementation

  • Main embedded lighting systems
  • Parabolic systems, elliptical, complex surfaces, Matrix Beam

Lab work

  • Introduction to design and non-sequential ray tracing
  • Modelization of light sources, surfaces and simple optical components
  • Surface and intensity receptors (illuminance), simulation
  • Non sequential ray tracing and ray properties
  • Simple optical system design
  • Optimization and merit function
  • Advanced simulations and optimizations
  • Parabolic reflector and micro-lenses matrix simulation and optimization
  • Monte Carlo method and optimization
Methodology and assessment

Courses and tutorials

Lab work

Next session: date to be defined

  • November 02, 2020 to November 05, 2020 MS22 | Optical Design for Lighting Systems Palaiseau
Pedagogical manager(s):
  • Lionel Jacubowiez - Senior teacher at Institut d'Optique

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