SC6Optical interferometry: principle and applications

Niveau : Base/Perfectionnement
Publics :

Engineers or technicians who whish to specify, design, use or optimize an interferometer for phase or amplitude measurements, in industrial or research fields.

Pré-requis :

Preliminary knowledge of complex numbers and Fourier Transforms would be useful

Langue de la formation : Français
Capacité maximum : 12
Prix : 1820 € -
Durée : 4 days - 28 h
  • Understand optical interferometry
  • Discover the usefulness of this technique in various industrial applications
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Optical interferometry: principle and applications
Thèmes abordés

Physical optics



Signal processing

Industrial or commercial applications

Le programme

Principle and operation of an interferometer, coherence and applications

  • Analysis of 2-beam interference and contrast losses, N-beam Interference
  • Sub-systems of an interferometer (splitting, combining, [de]modulation), types (Young, Michelson, Mach-Zehnder, Fizeau...) and exploitation (Zernike polynomials)
  • Detailed study of spatial and temporal coherence
  • Interferometric techniques and uses (longitudinal or surface metrology, spectroscopy, velocimetry, fibered sensors, coherent detection, phased arrays)
  • tutorial classes: part or prolongation of main course, study of application cases

Practical exercises

  • Michelson interferometer
  • Fizeau interferometer (Zygo type)
  • Homodyne/heterodyne detection (acousto-optic modulator)
  • Speckle interferometry (deformation/vibration)

Lectures and exercices

Demonstration on laboratory material, according to trainees wishes

Practical hands-on on instruments

Prochaine session : date à définir

  • 08 Octobre 2019 au 11 Octobre 2019 SC6 | Optical interferometry: principle and applications Palaiseau
Responsable(s) pédagogique(s) :
  • Frédéric Cassaing - Ingénieur expert Onera
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