SC13Low light level vision and photon counting imaging

Niveau : Intermédiaire/Avancé
Publics :

People from private or public companies in the field military, security, microscopy, bioscience and astronomy

Pré-requis :

Basic knowledge in optics, notions in radiometry or photometry, notions in imaging or video or photography

Langue de la formation : Français
Capacité maximum : 12
Prix : 1380 € HT -
Durée : 3 days - 21 h
  • Tutorial dedicated on Low Light Level imaging technologies in the spectral band from 0,4µm up to 2µm
  • Be able to design a low light level imaging system with component selections
  • Be able to specify low light level components and perform the related acceptance test
  • Identify new technologies allowing the enhancement of imaging systems
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Low light level vision and photon counting imaging
Thèmes abordés

Needs and Challenges
Night illumination contributors, sensor technologies, Light Intensifiers
LLL digital video imaging, active imaging with laser illumination
Applications and future roadmaps

Le programme

The night vision

  • Visible Imaging
  • Eye sighting
  • Night illumination contributors and night levels

Imaging sensors technologies

  • Light intensifier tubes
  • Intensified digital sensors
  • CCD sensors
  • CMOS sensors
  • SWIR sensors from 1µm to 2µm
  • Perspective of photon counting enabled imaging technologies
  • Read data sheets

Active imaging

  • Active imaging principle
  • Illumination sources
  • Fitted imaging sensors
  • Speckle and atmospheric propagation
  • Albedos, LCS, cat's eye effect

Applications and challenges

  • Demonstrations
  • Range modelisation
  • Military applications
  • Surveillance and security
  • Scientific imaging from microscopy to astronomy
  • Futur technological challenges
Méthodologie et évaluation

Lectures and exercices

Experiments and live demonstrations

Practical hands-on on instruments

Prochaine session : date à définir

  • 13 Décembre 2021 au 15 Décembre 2021 SC13 | Low light level vision and photon counting imaging Palaiseau
Responsable(s) pédagogique(s) :
  • Thierry Midavaine - Ingénieur expert THALES Optronique

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