EF1Optics without calculation

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Anyone wishing to use optical instruments or become familiar with optics

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Langue de la formation : Français
Capacité maximum : 12
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Durée : 3 days - 21 h
  • Acquire quickly and simply the basics of optics
  • Communicate effectively in the field of optics
  • Understand a specification
  • Make the best use of common optical instruments
  • Design and set up a simple assembly
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Optics without calculation
Thèmes abordés

Nature of light (wave / particle), light sources and optical spectrum

  • Light propagation (free space, guided optics, optical fiber...)

Image formation by lenses and mirrors
Phenomena of interference, diffraction and polarization
Operation and use of optical instruments

  • The eye and its defects
  • Simple instruments (telescope, viewfinder, collimator...)
Le programme
Nature of light, reflection phenomena and refraction
  • Waves and particles (light rays)
  • Diversity of light sources, UV spectrum, visible, IR, white light, laser
  • Free and guided propagation (fiber optics)
  • Plan mirror: paths of incident and reflected rays
  • Refractive index of a transparent medium
  • Path of light in a parallel-sided blade and in a prism (dispersion)
From the simple lens to the operation of an optical instrument
  • Tracing of elementary rays in a lens
  • Convergent, divergent lenses
  • Position of an object and its image, magnification
  • Eye, photo lens, magnifying glass, telescope, microscope
Wave phenomena
  • Interferences: principle, summation of two vibratory waves
  • Illustrations: thin blades (soap bubbles, oil films), optical treatments, filters
  • Diffraction: origin of the phenomenon (wavelet sources)
  • Illustrations: diffraction by a slot, grating, compact disc, hologram
Experimental demonstrations and practical work
  • Light guidance
  • Light rays propagation in a homogeneous, inhomogeneous medium
  • The laws of reflection, refraction
  • Continuous spectra, spectra of lines
  • Imaging by an objective (real, virtual environments), by a spherical mirror
  • Geometric and chromatic aberrations
  • Near-field / far-field diffraction
  • Interference (Michelson interferometer) 
Méthodologie et évaluation

Courses and exercises
Interactive experimental demonstrations
Practical work on instruments

Prochaine session : date à définir

  • 01 Décembre 2020 au 03 Décembre 2020 EF1 | Optics without calculation Palaiseau
Responsable(s) pédagogique(s) :
  • Gilles le Boudec - Expert consultant / Ingénieur R&D
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