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To enable the funders of vocational training to verify the compliance of training organizations with the 6 quality criteria defined by the law of 5 March 2014, a unique database of vocational training quality was created: the Datadock.

The spirit of the law of March 5, 2014, as reported on the site of Datadock [1], is to entrust the funders of vocational training (gathered within the GIE D2OF [2]) with the responsibility of monitoring and quality control of the training organizations with whom they work.

Objectives: to improve the transparency of the training provided and to promote continuous improvement in the quality of training. Six criteria, broken down into 21 indicators, were created:

  • The precise identification of the objectives of the training and its adaptation to the trainees
  • Adaptation of reception, pedagogical monitoring and evaluation systems to trainees' needs
  • The adequacy of pedagogical, technical and supervisory resources to the training
  • The professional qualification and the in-service training of those in charge of training
  • Conditions for informing the public about the training we offer, the schedule, and the results obtained
  • Taking into account the assessments made by trainees

[1] Database shared by the majority of Opca and Opacif, which certifies the compliance by registered organizations of the twenty-one indicators defined from the six qualitative criteria contained in the quality decree.

[2] The economic interest group bringing together the funding bodies for vocational training (Opca, Opacif, Fongecif, etc.) and in charge of managing the Datadock database.

Sources: paritarisme-emploiDatadock

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