MS41Visual appearence of surfaces: concepts and metrology

Niveau : Perfectionnement/Spécialisation
Publics :

Senior technicians or engineers wishing to deepen the different issues related to characterization and simulation of surfaces

Pré-requis :

Fundamentals of photometry and optics for lighting, basic knowledge on computer sciences softwares such as Matlab

Langue de la formation : Anglais
Capacité maximum : 5
Prix : 1720 € HT -
Durée : 4 days
  • To use advanced tools for realistic simulation of photometry and visual aspect of a lighting system
  • To be able to relate the characteristics of surfaces to their expected and observed visual aspect
  • To know how to use of the relevant characterisation tools
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Visual appearence of surfaces: concepts and metrology
Thèmes abordés

Light-Matter interactions on surfaces

  • Absorption, diffusion in mediums, reflection/transmission at rough or plane interfaces
  • Appearance of a spectrum and color properties (luminance, tint, colorfulness…)
  • Visual appearance of surfaces (colorimetric aspect, diffused aspect, brightness, gonio-chromatic aspect, BRDF)

Characterization of surfaces (BRDF), visual aspect

  • BRDF representations, models and their applications (Empirical model for image synthesis (Phong, Blinn-Phong), Physical model for simulation (He, Cook-Torrance)
  • Characterizing BRDF and converting datas to models (characterisation tools, tools precision limits, optimization methods (fitting) and precision)
Le programme

Surface characterization and visual aspect of materials

  • Appearance and visual attributes
  • Radiometric characterization of materials
  • Light absorption and scattering in materials
  • Surface reflection and scattering (parameters and models)
  • Layered surfaces (extended two-flux models)

BRDF & Metrology

  • Practical realization of a goniospectrophotometer
  • Classical designs for gonio
  • Illumination  
  • Sample holder (robot based, Rotation stage based)
  • Illuminated area and the consequences for the design
  • Detection
  • Metrology and good measurement practices

Optical surface characterization

  • Definitions, Measurement methods, Sample overview, Application
  • Human factor and Human centered design
  • Human brain, human behavior, human groups
  • Usability
  • Interface inspection
  • Heuristic, ergonomic criteria & validation methods
  • User experience
Méthodologie et évaluation

Lectures and tutorials

Prochaine session : date à définir

  • 03 Décembre 2018 au 06 Décembre 2018 MS41 | Visual appearence of surfaces: concepts and metrology Palaiseau
Responsable(s) pédagogique(s) :
  • Mathieu Hébert - Enseignant-chercheur à l'Institut d'Optique
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