MS1Specialized Mastère® Diploma Embedded Lighting Systems

Niveau : Débutant/Intermédiaire/Avancé
Publics :

Engineers (or equivalent level) wishing to train in all aspects of embedded lighting for cars.

Pré-requis :

Scientific Master or equivalent, 4 years of professional experience are a plus, level B2 of English

Langue de la formation : Anglais
Capacité maximum : 5
Prix : 13000 € HT -
Durée : 1 year
En partenariat avec
ESTACA STRATE Ecole de design

Train engineers able to understand all technologies related to embedded lighting systems in transport, and especially for the automobile, from the design that characterizes the brand and style, to industrialization.

Information is also available on the website dedicated to the ELS Chair.

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Specialized Mastère® Diploma Embedded Lighting Systems
Thèmes abordés

Optics-photonics for Lighting

  • Basic training in optics and photonics
  • Experimental knowledge and skills on sources: physics of light sources (incandescent and halogen lamps, discharge tubes, LEDs and Oleds, Lasers, ...)
  • Measurements and photometric characterization of sources and systems for the automobile
  • Colorimetry
  • Design and dimensioning of associated optical systems: lighting shaping (complex surfaces, light guides, diffractive optics)
  • Computer-aided optical design for embedded lighting
  • Simulation, realistic rendering and physico-realistic; Vision and cognition

Embedded systems

  • Embedded electronics for control and regulation of sources, hardware dimensioning, servocontrol, actuators, sensors (including visible and infrared cameras), on-board energy management
  • Systems: Electrical / electronical vehicle architecture, embedded intelligence: intelligent lighting, driving aids...), electromagnetic compatibility, Design and CAD

Transportation Technologies

  • Mechanics and materials: Design and CAD, Process (injection, tooling, assembly / plastic welding, surface treatments)
  • Simulation of the environment (humidity, thermal, shocks and vibrations), integrated design of embedded lighting systems, prototyping, industrialization
  • Regulatory constraints (regulation and standards, intellectual property)

Design of Lighting Systems

  • Industrial and aesthetic design, awareness, vocabulary, creativity

To the ELS Masters website.

Le programme

Some training modules can be followed in continuing education independently of a registration in the Specialized Mastère.

Knowledge of the industrial sector: Discover the actors and the relations of the manufacturers of the Lighting-Signage, and appreciate the diversity of the technologies employed

  • Discovery of the automotive lighting industry
  • Further knowledge of the industrial lighting sector

Fundamentals to understand embedded lighting systems: Acquisition of basic scientific and technical knowledge necessary for the professions in Research and Development of Lighting-Signage

  • Fundamentals of optics for lighting
  • Fundamentals of photometry for lighting
  • Model-based system engineering, functional safety
  • Fundamentals of mechatronics modeling for lighting
  • Design and design of optics in the automobile

Optical design of lighting systems: Learn how to design optical lighting systems, with the acquisition of knowledge about light sources, optical systems commonly used in lighting, design tools and optical simulation.

  • Light sources: properties and performance, integration, reliability
  • Computer-aided photometric design for lighting

Engineering and system integration for lighting: Learn how to design lighting systems, with the acquisition of knowledge about environmental and production constraints, electronic and mechanical components, and master their system integration with simulation tools mechatronics. Familiarize yourself with the advanced systems used in lighting related to ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and learn how to simulate them.

  • Integration of system physical environment and production constraints
  • Modeling and simulation of a mechatronic lighting system
  • Embedded information system

Visual and Cognitive Aspects: Learn the basics of the physiology of human vision and the visual appearance of surfaces, learn to use realistic simulation tools to better design lighting, signage and indoor lighting products according to the visual expectation of the customers.

  • Characterization, appearance and photometric simulation of surfaces
  • Vision and cognitics, realistic visual rendering and real time

Project: Apply lessons from previous modules through the development of a lighting system project integrating system, optical, mechanical, electronic, materials and processes, from design to simulation validation of components and system .

Internship in company: Put into practice lessons from previous modules by developing a lighting system project integrating system, optical, mechanical, electronic, materials and processes, from the design to the validation by simulation of components and of the system.

Méthodologie et évaluation

Lectures, seminars, tutorial work, experimental work, projects

Prochaine session : date à définir

  • 10 Septembre 2018 au 28 Juin 2019 MS1 | Specialized Mastère® Diploma Embedded Lighting Systems Palaiseau
Responsable(s) pédagogique(s) :
  • Bertrand Barbedette - Enseignant-chercheur à l'ESTACA
  • Gaëlle Lucas-Leclin - Enseignante-chercheure à l'Institut d'Optique
  • Mike Levy - Enseignant-chercheur à STRATE Ecole de design
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