CO3Optical Design with CodeV®

Niveau : Perfectionnement
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Engineers who need to design imaging optical systems with the CodeV software

Langue de la formation : Français
Capacité maximum : 10
Prix : 2150 € -
Durée : 5 days - 35h

• learning basic practical CodeV software usage
• learning how to analyze optical systems performances
• learning optical system optimization basic methods
• handling standard imaging optical systems

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Optical Design with CodeV®
Thèmes abordés

Optical system analysis
Optimization of optical systems with simple or more complex constrains
Introduction to tolerancing
Rough set out of more advanced CodeV features

Le programme

Basics and first steps:
• introductory lecture on object/image conjugation, entrance and exit pupils, aberrations, diffraction, ...
• CodeV hands-on workshop with a simple example (Cooke triplet)
Optical systems:
• study of aberrations and optical system quality criteria on different examples
• setting of mirrors, aspheric surfaces, obscurations, tilts and decenters, multiconfigurations, ...
More advanced elements and training:
• Optimization: basics, methods, and practical tutorial (example of eyepiece design with complex constrains)
• Training tutorial (on a catadioptric system)
• Introduction to tolerancing and some other advanced CodeV options
• free subject last tutorial


Mixed lectures and tutorials in a computer facility room
Example based teaching
Supervised software usage, largely guided at beginning, and more free later when user skills increase

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Responsable(s) pédagogique(s) :
  • Hervé Sauer - Enseignant-chercheur à l'Institut d'Optique
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