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Technicians and engineers needing to work with lasers and asking for a first approach in order to work with lasers.

Langue de la formation : Français
Capacité maximum : 12
Prix : 2150 € -
Durée : 5 days - 35h

Learning outcomes : understanding of basic properties, knowing of laser technologies and experimental know-how. After the track, interns will be able to :
• deal appropriately with lasers  for various applications
• interact with laser specialists or laser salers.
• understand a laser data sheet

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Laser sources
Thèmes abordés

•  Laser physics and non linear optics
• Properties, technologies and applications
• Pulsed lasers
• Laser safety
• Laser alignment (labworks)
• Laser characterisation (labworks)
• Laser propagation through opticals systems (labworks)

Le programme

Lectures and tutorials
• Basic principles : light-matter interaction, spontaneous emission, stimulated emission, absorption, cross section, amplification, gain, oscillation threshold, output power.
• Non linear optic : principles and application to frequency doubling and sum frequency generation.
• Laser properties, gaussian beams
• Laser technology : gas lasers, solid state lasers, laser diodes, fiber lasers
• The laser market wordwide
• Laser applications :  material processing, optical telecommunications, sensing, measurements, biomedical...
• Pulsed lasers : Q:switched and mode-locked lasers and related technologies
• Laser safety, effets on tissues, standards, caution of use

• He Ne laser : cavity alignement, observation and characterization of transverse and longitudinal modes
• Laser diode : angular and spectral characterisation,  effect of the temperature and of the driving current on the output characteristics.
• Second harmonic generation in a KDP crystal
• Flashpumped Nd:YAG laser : energetic and temporal characterization, alignement and observation of differents pulsed regims : free running and passive Q-qwitching
• Diode pumped Nd:YVO4 in passive mode-lock operation : alignment and pulse measurement by autocorrelation
• Laser beam propagation through an optical system.


This track is based on three mains axis : basics principles, overview of technologies and experiments

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Responsable(s) pédagogique(s) :
  • François Balembois - Enseignant-chercheur à l'Institut d'Optique

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