MS14Fundamentals of the modelling of mechatronic lighting systems

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Senior technicians or engineers wishing to understand the fundamentals in Mechatronic lighting systems

Pré-requis :

MSc degree or equivalent, BSc with 4 years professional experience (preferably in relevant scientific fields)

Langue de la formation : Anglais
Capacité maximum : 20
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Durée : 3,5 days
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• Being able to describe a mechatronic system with appropriate modelling tools used in industry.
• Being able to find the realistic hypotheses, to program/validate the model and to understand/explain all results.

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Fundamentals of the modelling of mechatronic lighting systems
Thèmes abordés

Base of model-based design
Programming a mechatronic system and understanding the limits of modelling tools
Link 3D modelling, optical modelling and multiphysic modelling
Validate and analyze the numerical results

Le programme

Role of the modelling of mechatronic systems in lighting
• What are the constraints?
• Methodology
• Multiphysical approach
• The software platform
• Case study
3D Modelling software
• Basic knowledge
• Drawing a part
• Drawing an assembly
• 3D modelling of lighting system for the sizing phase
Multiphysics modelling
• Basic modelling of dynamic systems and dimensional notions
• Approach by scientific discipline (mechanics, electrics, thermal, hydraulics, multibody systems),  analogy between the disciplines
• Tools for the modelling of multiphysical systems (libraries, equation type, solvers…).
Tools initiation for the modelling of multiphysical systems
• Training sessions with Matlab/simulink and introduction to Simscape
• Reminders on the ordinary differential equations
• Programming of the model
• Simulation and validation

Méthodologie et évaluation

Courses and tutorials
Lab work

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