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Engineers or technicians wishing to master radiophotometry for applications in metrology, materials, aeronautics, surveillance, defense, medical biology, transportation…

Langue de la formation : Français
Capacité maximum : 12
Prix : 2150 € -
Durée : 5 days - 35h

• Understand and deepen the basics of radiometry and photometry
• Know how to choose and to use commercial instruments (luxmeters, luminancemeters, spectroluminancemeters, colorimeters)
• Know how to develop dedicated test benches (characterisation of lighting sources or optical components, metrology, instruments calibration...)

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Thèmes abordés

Basics of radiometry and metrology
Sources, surfaces/media, detectors
Industrial and commercial applications

Le programme

• Basics of radiometry : general laws, physical quantities, sets of units
• Metrology and main types of photometers
• Spectrophotometry
• Sources
• Surfaces and media
• Detectors : principles of operation and main characteristics
• Colorimetry
• Exercices
• Applications
• Détectors
• Luminance and intensity measurements
• Lighting sources characterisation
• Photometric characterisation of two objectives


Talks and exercices
Interactive demonstrations

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Responsable(s) pédagogique(s) :
  • Isabelle Ribet - senior scientist at Onera, associate professor at Institut d'Optique
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